Ticket Deadlines

Ticketing Procedure


1) We don’t get tickets for away games. Ever. Please don’t ask.

2) Don’t request a ticket if you don’t 100% intend to attend the game. We see many cases where people request and then bail after their request is approved. This involves a lot of time and work to re-home that ticket and it’s generally avoidable.

3) Please don’t pester us with questions about ticket request status. No one knows yet when we’ll know who is approved for the first couple of games since they’ll fall within the 10 week window. If you request tickets at any point throughout the season, you will receive an email one way or another for each game as soon as we get word.

4) Manage your expectations. Our allocation comes from a group of 350 total supporter tickets spanning the whole world. We on average receive a maximum of 10 per match so please don’t ask for / expect your huge bachelor/bachelorette party group will be approved.

5) The process is the process and we’re not deviating from it. We’re aware that the London games (mainly NLD) will magically also happen to be on many people’s birthdays, partners visiting London, etc. Happy birthday in advance, but we can’t accommodate special requests.

6) The prices may fluctuate, but probably not. You’ll pay a 50% deposit for each ticket and
the remaining balance if your request is approved. Once ticket prices are locked in, we’ll
add/update on the Tickets FAQ portion of arsenalcanada.ca. Estimated 19/20 prices:

a) Cat A: $166
b) Cat B: $103
c) Cat C: $75

Should you have any additional questions, please send an email to us using the contact form found here.