Conor Scott

I’ve been an Arsenal fan ever since watching the King play growing up. Never made it to my first game until a 0-0 draw with a Mourinho Chelsea side but you don’t forget the experience of being to the Emirates! The club and everything we stand for is very dear to my heart and I look forward to the challenge of pushing Arsenal Canada forward for all our supporters in the North acting as Chairperson. My favourite Arsenal memory is Santi’s free kick against Hull in the 2014 FA cup final because I knew when he hit the net we would go on to win a trophy after waiting so long! COYG

Kristin Cocker
Ticket Liasion

Hiya! My name is Kristin Cocker. I’ve been an Arsenal supporter since I met my husband Tim 14 years ago. I love the Arsenal! At first I just watched because I wanted to be interested in what my boyfriend was interested in, but I quickly started to fall in love with them. I have been to a have been to several home and away matches and I followed them to the USA for preseason. I’ve recently been made the new Ticket Liasion for our Arsenal Canada Supporters Club and I’m thrilled to take over for the amazing Kelsey Mori. I look forward to getting to know all of our Arsenal Canada Supporters and hope to get as many of you over to watch the club we love play!

Tim Cocker
Branch Liaison Coordinator

I have been supporting The Arsenal since 1971
The first match I ever attended was at Brighton August 1979 4-0 win
My love of the club has never waned through the good times and bad.
I am the Branch Liaison Coordinator for AC and I look forward to working with all the branches to help grow the Arsenal fan base in Canada.

Brian Callanan
Fantasy League Coordinator

Hello all,
My name is Brian. I live in Toronto. Been supporting Arsenal all my life, watched them on my grandfathers knee as a child but really took up the mantle of being a supporter during the Invincibles season. Been playing the Fantasy Premier League game for about 10 years now. Joined Arsenal Canada 3 years ago, 2nd year as fantasy league coordinator. Good luck to all!!