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17 July 2021

Welcome to Arsenal Canada Supporters Club for the 2021/22 Season

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A lot has changed in the last year. At Arsenal Canada we have been working hard to ensure we change with the times.

That is why this season things are going to look a little different for members at Arsenal Canada. Here are your headlines with detailed updates below:

  1. Membership price reduced to $35CAD
  2. Ticketing will be available in line with UK Government restrictions
  3. Fantasy football with regular prizing (including signed shirt grand prize) will replace membership packs
  4. Fans will have increased opportunity to have their voices heard by and interact with the club

We couldn’t be more excited to bring you the new membership format for this year. Fantasy Football will unite us all in sharing the joy of watching Premier League now with the added advantage of possibly winning prizes along the way! The league this year will have regular prizing, with tiered grand prizing for the top 10 players at the end of the season including a
signed 21/22 season shirt for 1st place.

For those who have played Arsenal Canada Fantasy Football in the past will recognize this is a huge expansion of the platform. For those new to Fantasy Football, we see this as an exciting opportunity to learn more about the players at Arsenal and our competitors in the Premier League. We will have weekly updates on Fantasy Football this year including ideas and discussion on building your team to win!

Quick facts:

  • Fantasy League code: 0cwztq
  • Please share Fantasy team name when buying membership
  • Only paying members can win prizes
  • Choosing Spu*s players may be punished. Proceed at your own risk

Other membership perks:

  • Access to matchday tickets
  • Discounts on official Arsenal merchandise
  • Opportunities to interact with the club

Executive Board
As announced already this summer we have made some board changes which are designed to build the Arsenal Canada Supporters Club Executive Board for the future. We aim to bring you closer to the Board this year and ensure you have proper channels of communication to have your voice heard by the club.

Executive Board 21/22 season:

  • Conor Scott (Chairperson)
  • Tim Cocker (Branch Manager)
  • Kristin Cocker (Ticket Manager)
  • Billy Douglas (Fantasy Football Manager)
  • Meryl D’Souza (Social Media Manager)

Ticketing remains at the discretion of the club and UK Government restrictions. Arsenal Canada will continue to work closely with the club and communicate any changes clearly with fans across the country. Tickets are only available to Arsenal Canada members on a 1:1 basis – you can only request one ticket per membership. The below guidelines on ticketing are well established at this point:

  1. We don’t get tickets for away games. This has always and will always be the case – please only inquire about home games.
  2. Don’t request a ticket if you don’t 100% intend to attend the game. We see many cases where people request and then bail after their request is approved. This involves a lot of time and work to re-home that ticket and it’s generally avoidable.
  3. Your ticket request status will be given to you as soon as we have it. No one knows yet when we’ll know who is approved for the first couple of games since they’ll fall within the 10-week window. If you request tickets at any point throughout the season, you will receive an email one way or another for each game as soon as we get word.
  4. Manage your expectations. Our allocation comes from a group of 350 total supporter tickets spanning the whole world. We on average receive a maximum of 10 per match so please consider this when requesting tickets.
  5. The process is the process and we’re not deviating from it. We’re aware that everyone wants to see the team play and want to go in a group – we will never approve more than 1 ticket per member so please don’t ask.
  6. The prices may fluctuate, but probably not. You’ll pay a 50% deposit for each ticket and the remaining balance if your request is approved. Once ticket prices are locked in, we’ll add/update on the Tickets FAQ portion of For suggestions on actually getting to games etc. Kristin will be more than happy to help you there – we know it can be a challenge the first time crossing the pond!

We will be in touch with branch managers across the country separately. Supporting our local branches is at the heart of what we love about football at Arsenal Canada. We are very hopeful in line with increasing vaccination rates and reduced hospitalizations following the pandemic
that branches can remain open season-long, and we can all get back to enjoying watching the Arsenal together!


  1. I registered for the 20/21 season and still haven’t got my pack – will I still get it?
    a. Yes. Membership packs for last season’s members will be sent in July
  2. Does this mean Arsenal Canada won’t do membership packs again?
    a. Not necessarily. We want to provide the best possible experience for fans across Canada. We will keep listening to fans and adapt as we go forward.

If you have any questions for the Supporters Club, please email directly via

Things have changed in the last year and will continue to change. Our pledge to the Canadian Gooners is that we will change with them while staying true to our mission of ensuring your voice is heard by the club you love.

Victoria Concordia Crescit.
Arsenal Canada Board


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