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20 September 2015

Counterfeit Ticket Warning

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Arsenal released a statement that counterfeit tickets were attempted to be used for the West Ham United match on the weekend. Please note that Arsenal Canada has consistently advised not using sources for tickets other than those recognized by the club.

Your official sources for tickets for Arsenal matches are Arsenal memberships (Platinum/Gold, Silver, Red, Away) or your local supporters club (Arsenal Canada). While there are other services that may claim they are able to get you a ticket, always tread with caution even with your hotel concierge, a travel group, or groups on twitter as identified by fans as being reputable.

When Arsenal Canada acquires tickets from the club, you retrieve the tickets from the supporters kiosk at the stadium. It is always direct from the club, no middle man, no risk.

Please read the statement from the club and call or email the club if you require any clarify on tickets.


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